Alex Guéry, born September 26, 1988 (in The Loire Valley) is a French film director. Alex’s love for making movies began at the age of ten when he started filming with his family’s camcorder. Over the past years, his work has received myriad international awards, including in 2013, 1st runner up for the 48 Hour Film Project in Hollywood and Best indie short Los Angeles Films Awards. Alex has made over 100 shorts including Star Child (2020) which alone has landed him 74 awards, The Madness Store (2021) who received 34 awards and an official selection at the LA Shorts international film festival 26th edition (accredited by the Academy of Motion Pictures Art & Sciences “Oscar”). His latest work, Where Dreams Fall  (2022),

is now entering the festivals and is currently a finalist at Malibu International Film Festival 23th edition. His passion for film goes beyond making movies. In 2010, he started a movement known as les Loup Blanc, a philosophy of life aimed at supporting and connecting other passionate people like himself in the cinematic arts. This enabled the group to import America’s renown 48 Hour Film Project to Loire Valley which Alex co-produce. Alex has been on various international film festival juries, and has performed in acting roles such as the lead in Aux Petits Oignons (2018) or Pierre et Moi (2021).